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Jabalpur has a moderate weather with adequate amount of heat, cold and rain.

  • Average High Temperatures range from 25 to 45 degree C.
  • Average Low Temperatures range from 6 to 26 degree C.
  • Average Rainfall or Yearly Precipitation ranges from 42 to 64 in.
  • Average days of sunshine are about 10 per month.
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  • Warmest months being April, May and June.
  • Coldest months being December, January.
  • Highest precipitation in the months of June to September.
  • Receives monsoon from both Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.
  • Highest sunshine days between October to May.
  • Humidity is highest during monsoon(Jun-Sep) and lowest in summer(Apr-May).


Spring: February, March.

Summer: April, May, June

Autumn: June, July, August, September (rainfall in summer)

Winter: November, December, January

Pleasant months: February, March, October, November.