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Jabalpur had been an active participant of the Film and Cinema industry. Even before the days of PremNath and back to the days of British, there has been a distinct taste and interest for the art and entertainment that later evolved as Indian Cinema.

Some of the film screening theatres that existed in post independence Jabalpur but closed down at the end of century include Sheela Talkies, Jayanti Talkies, Shri Krishna Talkies, Anand Talkies, Vineet Talkies, etc. Needless to mention the grand old Empire Talkies near Railway Station. Some of the later surviving ones included, Jyoti and Prabhu Vandana Talkies. And lastly, there is Delight Talkies.

These are now replaced by Multiplexes viz. Movie-Magic first Multiplex of Jabalpur at South Avenue Mall, Gwarighat Road and Samdariya Era Multiplex at the heart of Jabalpur in Samdariya Mall, Civic Center.

Click for Movie and details of Movie Magic.

For Movie and details of Samdariya Era, Click here.

Besides film retailing, Jabalpur has also contributed to film production by producing talented artists in the form of popular actors, script-writers, musicians, directors and technicians to work in both big and small screen. Some of the known names associated include Ashutosh Rana, Arjun Rampal, Raghubir Yadav, etc.

The scenic beauty and picturesque locations around Jabalpur and friendly local population have drawn many producers and directors to shoot in Jabalpur. Popular locations for film shooting include bheda-ghat, madan mahal hills, paat-baba, dumna, etc. From Raj kapoor to Shahrukh khan movies have been shot here.

Apart from Cinema, Jabalpur has a number of Community halls and auditoriums where various art festivals are organised every year. Some of these include the newly renovated Maanas Bhawan at Wright Town and Tarang Auditorium at Shakti Bhawan.