Jabalpur & Growth

This is fantastic site for my Jabalpur, which I found through Google news. Jabalpur is growing but slow very slow, because we have very poor representation to state government/central government, Now a days area are developed by politician, and for their political goal. anyway. we need to focus on big industry, heavy industry which will give direct as well as indirect employment through ancilliary unit etc. it can be Power/Automobile etc. advantage of being centre of country was never came to jabalpur unlike nagpur, In case of Infrastructue/rail/raod & air connectivity, we need to focus on these area, you can’t expect bussiness men to spend hour/days in train travel.

jabalpur don’t have proper centralise Vegetable Market or wholesale Mandi/Transport Nagar. no body knows where these madi(APMC)/transport nagar has gone.Jabalpur haat is real flop..
City roads are worst/scarcity of water is all time high, people spend 4 hrs daily for sourcing water. I some time surprise what these municipal commissioner & collectors are doing, why they can’t prepare proper project report and execute these basic infrastructure requirement through central or state government fund/ADB/WB/JBIC.
We have lot of big defence installation, why sub-vendor base is not created here, why still materials are coming from other parts of the country.
We have fairly good connectivity for railways, but lalu and mamta know only bihar& bengal(Garib Rath extention is bad bad news), why locomotive factory,coach factory or wagon factory cannot be established in jabalpur, now railways is facing shortage of coaches & wagons. Our politician beurocrats should take this opportunity and make it happen for Jabalpur.
Now a days lot of private players have entered in power production bussiness, why jabalpur corporation can’t make joint venture with some bussiness house and establish power plant (this is going to be an unique example for country)till now municipals are extended only upto city transport.
Municipal corporation should entered in JV with some automobile house and provide easy hassle free loans for auto rickshaw and slowly cycle rickshaw should be removed from the city.
Their is lot to say and do for Jabalpur, anyway this much for now.

Apka Apna Jabalpur wasi
Manish Munnalal Vishwakarma
from Saudi Arabia.

अपना जबलपुर ब्लौग

जबलपुर एक विकासशील क्षेत्र है और अच्छे संसाधन एवं प्रतिभाओं के बावजूद उसका सामाजिक और आर्थिक विकास धीरे हो रहा है । आवश्यकता है कि यहॉ के ग्रामीण परिवेश को केन्द्रित कर के तथा जनसहयोग द्वारा विकास कार्यो को गति तथा दिशा दी जाए । अपने विचार हमें लिखें 

अपना जबलपुर एवं महाकौशल का विकीमेपिया द्वारा लिया गया आकाशीय चित्र देखने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें

जबलपुर के बारे में विकीपीडिया क्या कहता है जानें

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सब्र जबलपुरी का पन्ना

नर्मदा की माटी है संस्कार अपने खांटी हैं संसार भर में हमने पहचान अपनी बांटी है… हम हैं जबलपुरी…;)

Mahendra Singh says, ” Nobody have to play with environment because it is the first part to decorate our jabalpur so please keep it neat & clean.Then only we can say apna neat & clean jabalpur. jay jabalpur………. “

manishsingh thakur says, ” jabalpur main sabhi prakar ke mandir hai .. jabalpur ak happy city hai “

We totally agree with you !!

The Landmark Pipal Tree at Karamchand Chowk

There happens hardly any significent activity in Jabalpur that is worth a blog and there is no point commenting on the political tamasha, social bickerings and rantings on development. So after a significent time, here is a small but touching event which is surely worth recording.

We have been raising our concern on apnaJabalpur, for protecting the environment, saving water, resources and hertiage. Almost everybody agrees that development is happening at a very slow pace in Jabalpur and is well below public expectations. However, there is a way development has to take place. And this is a significent difference.

Anybody who is or has been in Jabalpur cannot faign non acquaintence to the old pipal tree at Karamchand Chowk, a mute spectator to every commuter at one of the most busy and congested crossings of Jabalpur. This old pipal tree has been standing there since decades silently watching over the city.

And suddenly, it was found that the tree is an obstacle to the progress of apnaJabalpur. Apparently, the road needs to be expanded and the old tree is the only obstacle in the road to prosperity. We all want development and all obastacles including trees must be removed, some voices said. And there the question arose: what kind of development and at what cost do we need? Should we butcher the trees and bury the ‘mitti’ with concrete to acclaim progress?

It is a false notion of development akin to a rising share market. And here is where again, apnaJabalpur chose to be different from the other progressing cities. The administration took a commendable decision to relocate the tree instead of committing genocide not just of the tree, but our future generations.

The entire exercise took less than two days and was conducted under expert supervision. The tree is now replanted at ShreeNath ki Tallaya and entire city wishes a long life for the tree. This clean, green and responsible approach to development is largely absent in India and apnaJabalpur has set an example that the cost of development is reduced by being eco-friendly.

The otherwise indifferent and callous government machinary worked in remarkable cohesion and members of various departments including, municipal corporation, traffic, electricity, scientists, mayor, commissioner, etc. together ensured that Jabalpur will be giving a better future to its children than any other ‘rich’ city.

SORRY UPDATE: In a tragic development reported in local newspapers , the re-planted trees could not be saved due to old age. Still, the effort and approach is commendable.

Save Water – Save Environment

समझ नहीं आता कि जब आग लगती है तो कुआ खोदना क्यों याद आता है | पिछले कई सालो से ये साफ़ है कि पानी की समस्या बढ़ती ही जा रही है |

अभी कुछ साल पहले जब मिनिरल वाटर बाजार में आया था तब हम हँसते थे कि पानी कौन खरीदेगा और आज ये हाल है की खरीदने से भी पानी नहीं मिल रहा है | हमारी नदिया सूख गयी है और तालाब कालोनी बन गए है | ये कैसा विकास है की मूलभूत ज़रूरतों के लिए संघर्ष करना पड़ रहा है , ऐसा विकास तो सदियों में नहीं हुआ |

अगर साफ़ हवा और पानी नहीं है तो बाकी सब बाते बेमानी है | सोचो और जल्दी कुछ करो क्योकि समय और साधन दोनों कम बचे है | सरकार या भगवान्
से उम्मीद करना कि वो कुछ जादू करके सब ठीक कर दे यह संभव नहीं है , पर्यावरण तो अपने को ही अपनों से ही बचाना है |

चंदा संस्कृति की व्यथा कथा

संस्कारधानी में एक नई बीमारी ने जन्म ले लिया है वह है चन्दा वसूलना ।  पूरे साल का पंचांग देख कर त्यौहार निकाले जाते हैं जिनके नाम पर वसूली की जा सके और कोई त्यौहार नहीं हो तो कुछ और कार्यक्रम बना लिया जाता है ।
किसका त्यौहार है क्यों और कैसे मना रहे हैं यह भी नहीं पता मगर उनके नाम पर चन्दा नहीं देंगे तो आप नास्तिक माने जायेंगे और नास्तिक होना पाप है चन्दा लेना पुण्य है । किसके घर की क्या स्थिति है कोई दुःख है इससे कोई मतलब नहीं ।
नहीं देंगे तो पहले आपको ताने मारे जायेंगे उससे भी काम नहीं बना तो अभद्र भाषा का इस्तेमाल किया जाएगा और फिर भी आपकी आस्था नहीं डिगी तो हंगामा करके डराया जाएगा । यदि आपने फिर भी जेब ढीली नहीं की तो कम से कम आपका मन और विश्वास तो खराब कर ही दिया ।
उस पर ये मत पूछना चंदे के धन का कैसे इस्तेमाल होगा ।  उपवास रखने के त्यौहार पर भंडारा होयेगा, मन की शान्ति के लिए लाऊड स्पीकर बजाया जाएगा और निषेध के त्यौहार में सुरा पान किया जाए मगर चन्दा तो देना पडेगा।
शहर के बहुत से युवा अलग अलग शहरो में जाकर मेहनत कर रहे है ज़िन्दगी बना रहे है और शहर का नाम रोशन कर रहे हैं, जो नहीं गए हैं वो भी कुछ करने की लगन में लगे है। मगर कुछ युवा संस्कारधानी में रह कर भी संस्कारहीन हो गए हैं। ये कर्म करना तो दूर व्यवहार भी भूल गए है और सबसे बुरी बात कि गलत को गलत ही नहीं मानते, क़ानून तो छोडिये सभ्य व्यवहार क्या होता है नहीं पता, ना मानते है मगर आपने चन्दा नहीं दिया तो आप ज़रूर गुनाहगार हैं।
एक तरफ देश चाँद पर कदम रखने की तैयारी कर रहा है और ये जाहिल चन्दा मामा की कहानी सुनाकर चन्दा वसूल रहे है।
यह अत्यंत ही चिंता का विषय है और शहर के गणमान्य नागरिको और प्रशासन को बिना किसी संरक्षण के इन्हें कठोरता से संयमित करने हेतु उचित कदम उठाना ज़रूरी है। Mentioning problem is not enough, click here to know what can be done.

Understanding basic astrology

One of the most simplistic explanation of Astrology can be provided as follows:

It is based on the premise that there is a co-relation between microcosm(small things in life) and macrocosm(the big picture) and that every worldly activity is related to others and hence every effect has a cause and every cause has an effect.  The other premise is that psychology and physical activities and events can be co-related to numerical logic and vice-versa(implying that nothing in this world is without reason and explanation, whether we know or understand it or not).

Thus, some astronomical representations are analysed and used to interpret and explain events in the physiological world of time and space. These are done by various techniques or methods which vary across the world. Some people claim these techniques to be logical and scientific while on the other extreme some people find no science or rationality in it.

The traditionally popular stream of astrology in India has been what is called Vedic Astrology. It entails drawing up of charts depicting the universe consisting of planets, nakshatras, rashis and bhavas in various positions under different conditions, much like drawing world maps of weather, politics and geography and then super imposing these maps to understand how the world looks at different times and places. Much of these details can now be generated using various software and are also available freely on the net. These along with other data is called horoscope or simply charts. Usually date, time and place of birth are the input parameters required to generate the horoscope.

There should not be any dispute as to the generation of these details and the on-going time charts  or a kind of calender(called “panchang”) are also used to make calculations about festivals and events like marriage, etc. and also have variations based on various places and systems adopted for calculation. Most of this data is now easily available through astronomy, relates well with actual astronomical events and hence easily verifiable for its correctness.

So that much is fine. The debate starts when all this data is analysed and further used to make interpretations and draw conclusions for certain purpose. Is the interpretation universal or is it different for each person? What is the basis of interpretation? Is that basis or its assumptions correct? Is the interpretation reasonable and scientific? Is the person making interpretation objective and qualified to be able to do the same? These are some questions which should be considered before blindly believing any predictions of future and assurances of magical remedies.

One should remember, as long as anything is reasonable and scientific, it does not require blind faith or magic. Science is boring and parts of astrology are also a bit boring, just like study of medicine or chemistry. And just like a person with some understanding of chemistry is not necessarily qualified to prescribe medicines, similarly, a student of astrology does not have any magical powers to change someone’s future. There is a fine line between wisdom and foolishness, and that line is of knowledge. Thus, knowledge of astrology can be useful and positive in one’s life as it helps one become aware and prepared. On the other hand, ignorance, blind faith and mis-interpretation can lead to hardships.

For example, if sun is positioned in fifth house in leo in pusya nakshatra in the chart based on inputs given, then that is so. Whatever effect that position makes will be there. Now suppose it can mean that the person will have a public life. Is that good or bad? Depends, as a family oriented person may think it is disturbing while a social person may think it is good. Similarly, Astrology cannot be a recluse to karma. In Bhagwad Geeta, it is clearly explained that Karm Yog is the best and that such Karm be performed without any desire. That would make astrology useless for many people who consider it a means for future-telling.

Astrology is a subject, it is not a technique or technology. Only when a subject has been mastered so much by its practitioners that it has been evolved to apply techniques for easier or advanced processing then we can consider its maturity, like Physics leads to Electronics Engineering and that leads to Mobile Technology. Simply studying Physics does not necessarily means one can repair mobiles.

So here in the end comes the most important premise of astrology, which is to first have faith in self and in God that your life is for serving its best purpose whether through gain or pain and one should relish all the experiences of this difficult but beautiful life given to us.