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This is fantastic site for my Jabalpur, which I found through Google news. Jabalpur is growing but slow very slow, because we have very poor representation to state government/central government, Now a days area are developed by politician, and for their political goal. anyway. we need to focus on big industry, heavy industry which will give direct as well as indirect employment through ancilliary unit etc. it can be Power/Automobile etc. advantage of being centre of country was never came to jabalpur unlike nagpur, In case of Infrastructue/rail/raod & air connectivity, we need to focus on these area, you can’t expect bussiness men to spend hour/days in train travel.

jabalpur don’t have proper centralise Vegetable Market or wholesale Mandi/Transport Nagar. no body knows where these madi(APMC)/transport nagar has gone.Jabalpur haat is real flop..
City roads are worst/scarcity of water is all time high, people spend 4 hrs daily for sourcing water. I some time surprise what these municipal commissioner & collectors are doing, why they can’t prepare proper project report and execute these basic infrastructure requirement through central or state government fund/ADB/WB/JBIC.
We have lot of big defence installation, why sub-vendor base is not created here, why still materials are coming from other parts of the country.
We have fairly good connectivity for railways, but lalu and mamta know only bihar& bengal(Garib Rath extention is bad bad news), why locomotive factory,coach factory or wagon factory cannot be established in jabalpur, now railways is facing shortage of coaches & wagons. Our politician beurocrats should take this opportunity and make it happen for Jabalpur.
Now a days lot of private players have entered in power production bussiness, why jabalpur corporation can’t make joint venture with some bussiness house and establish power plant (this is going to be an unique example for country)till now municipals are extended only upto city transport.
Municipal corporation should entered in JV with some automobile house and provide easy hassle free loans for auto rickshaw and slowly cycle rickshaw should be removed from the city.
Their is lot to say and do for Jabalpur, anyway this much for now.

Apka Apna Jabalpur wasi
Manish Munnalal Vishwakarma
from Saudi Arabia.

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